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A reminder that the final North Texas Camp will be held this Sunday 4/29, at Barney Wood Athletic Complex in Farmers Branch, Texas. 14050 Heartside Pl Farmers Branch, TX 75234.

This camp will be the last opportunity to be considered for the North Texas High Performance Team. Please encourage all teammates to attend. I know this is a busy time of year for students. I trust that you will be responsible and make arrangements accordingly to attend. I also know that there are no proms or exams on Sunday morning.

On May 12th the Academy School Championships will be played at Burr Field in Austin Texas.

5627 Loyola Lane, Austin TX 78724.

Games will begin at 9am and will conclude by 1pm. After a short break the High Performance team will be announced. A team meeting and short practice will follow. I expect everyone at the field, dressed to play by 8am. Tardiness will reflect poorly on your evaluation. Uniform will be blue shorts and socks, if you have them, otherwise wear your team kit. Jerseys will be provided for the day.

Some have mentioned going to Austin Friday evening and getting a hotel room. If so inclined, you shall make your own arrangements.

All participants in the Academy School DO NOT have to (but are encouraged to) try out for the HPP. In other words, they can play on the team (U17 or U19) in Austin and not want to be considered for the HPP.

Anyone that does want to be considered may have some financial responsibility for the trip to Colorado. It is estimated that the trip can cost $450.00 per player. However, we will have fundraising opportunities to lower, if not eliminate, this amount. Still, players and parents need to be informed of the potential expense for the trip.

There will be Texas High Performance training sessions across Texas that all selected participants will be required to attend.
May 20th in Houston
June 3rd in Dallas
June 10th in Austin

At this last NTX HP camp, we will be taking photos of players for selectors and coaches to more easily recognize players, not just relying on leg numbers. If you have already communicated injury/attendance issues to Coach Kelly, please email an undistorted face photo so that we attach it to your file.

For continued updated information please see:

Changes to HP U17/U19 Age Requirements

Breaking news on changes to age requirements for U17 and U19 age bracket requirements for USA and the Texas High Performance Academy Program.

If in High School you must be born on or after 9/1/92 (proof of HS)
If not in High School you muste be born after 1/1/93 (non-HS)

You must be born on or after 9/1/94

This means that we can play older kids who are still in High School at the U19 level. It also means that we can play older kids at the U17 level. Some of the younger current U19 guys will drop down to the U17 level if they were born after September 1.

3rd High Performance Academy in Farmers Branch 4/29

The next North Texas High Performance Academy Camp will be held Sunday, April 29, at the Barney Wood Athletic Complex in Farmers Branch, Texas. 14050 Heartside Pl Farmers Branch, TX 75234. The schedule page contains a link to the map.

The camp will run from 10am to 2pm. Please ensure that all players are registered and ready to play by 10am.

We will assign positions, work on specific position skills, set pieces and plays. It is imperative that you attend this camp to learn the game plan, what your assignments and calls are, in order to perform well in Austin.

The HP Academy is free and open to all players. This camp will be the last opportunity for anyone to make the North Texas team. Please encourage everyone to attend. Even if they do not make the NTX team, they will learn valuable skills that will improve your team's level of play.

If you are selected in Austin to represent Texas, you will be required to attend further training sessions throughout Texas leading up to the Rocky Mountain Challenge in Colorado June 15-17. You can go to the Schedule page to see when and where these training sessions will be held.

Player Ratings from Last Academy Released

The coaches rated players at the last Texas High Performance Academy School in Grand Prairie. These ratings have been compiled into a spreadsheet and released for your review. Looking at your ratings will give you, the rugby player, a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses.


To read and understand the sheet, you will have to remember your assigned number from the last camp. That's the number that was written on your leg. Look down the HPP# column for your assigned number and across to see how you were rated. We included all of the coaches' sheets, different events and coaches ratings are denoted by tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Players were rated from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best and 3 being average. A blank entry means either the player was not rated for that skill or was considered average.

HPP# - Your assigned number, written on your leg.
Beep – Number of cycles completed within 2 minutes (25 yard run).
Hands – Ball handling skills, how well the player handled the ball, ability to catch.
Pass – How well the player passed the ball in variety of situations.
DM – Decision Making, how well the player made decisions in various situations with the ball in hand.
Defense – How well the player defended.
Coachable – Was the player coachable? Did he implement instructions given by the coaches?
Speed – How fast the player appeared to run.
Effort – Did the player give everything he had? Did he try to the best of his abilities?
Overall – Coaches' personal assessment of the player. Did the coach like the player? Did he have a good feeling about the player?

If you have questions about how you were rated, the coaches will be more than happy to explain what they saw. They will be more than willing to assist you in becoming the best rugby player you can be.

Players were rated overall against each other. There were no allowances given for age. Though it may not seem fair, it would be understandable if the younger players received on average, lower scores than the older players.

Texas High Performance Play Book

Some helpful coaching documentation for the Texas High Performance Academy players. Please review and familiarize yourself with these plays, patterns and terminology prior to camp attendance.

Kick Chase Patterns
Remember the 3 P's of Kicking:
Pressure – kick to either relieve pressure for yourself or create pressure for your opponent.
Position – kick for field position, creating pressure on your opponent.
Possession – every time you kick the ball you give up ball possession. If possible kick to regain possession of the ball.

Defensive Principles
Basic team defensive principles for Rugby Texas.

Rugby Texas Team Calls
Calls identifying Rugby Texas's game strategy.

Attacking and defending rucking drill for Texas Rugby diagrammed.

2nd High Performance Academy at Jesuit 4/15

The 2nd North Texas High Performance Academy school will be held at Dallas Jesuit, Sunday 4/15 10:00am - 2:00pm.

Players should be at Jesuit's football field to check/register at 9:30 and dressed, ready to start at 10am sharp. Please have them bring water bottles, mouth pieces and a jersey. The school is open to all High School players. We hope to put together a full U17 side and a full U19 side from North Texas for the May 12 tournament in Austin.

To be considered for an opportunity to represent Texas U17 or U19, the player must attend the High Performance camps. Please encourage your better players to attend, as well as those desiring to improve. Though we had many fine eager athletes at the last school, not all teams' best players were in attendance.

Coaches and parents are more than welcome to attend. If interested in assisting, please contact me well ahead of time.

Announcements concerning the Academy schools in North Texas will be made on the Maverick Youth Rugby web site – here. Schedule of NTX HP Events. Coaches and players are encourage to join on FaceBook -

North Texas High Performance Academy Sunday 3/25

The first in the series of Texas High Performance Academy schools will be held Sunday, March 25, in Grand Prairie, from 10am to 2pm. There is no charge, free.

The purpose of the Academy is to improve Texas high school rugby and provide an avenue for players to represent Texas. The school is open to all current high school student players regardless of their abilities. For any player wishing to play in the Texas High Performance Program and represent Texas, attendance will be mandatory at all schools. Please encourage all of your players to come to this and all the Texas High Performance schools.

We will attempt to rotate the locations of the Academy Schools in the Metroplex in an effort to accommodate all teams and players. Again, to progress in the program, attendance is mandatory for all schools. The first Academy will be held at the Maverick Rugby Pitch in Grand Prairie, and the 2nd will held at Dallas Jesuit 4/15. Click on Schedule on the right menu of this page for dates and locations of all HP events.

Directions to the Maverick Pitch: The 3/25 school will be held rain or shine at this pitch.

Please have your players at the pitch, signed in and ready to play by 9:30am.

Coaches and parents are more than welcome to attend. If interested in assisting, please contact me well ahead of time.

Announcements concerning the Academy schools in North Texas will be made on the Maverick Youth Rugby web site – here. Schedule of NTX HP Events. Coaches and players are encourage to join on FaceBook -

If I have inadvertently missed any coach, team or representative on this list, please let them and me know ASAP and refer them to the

Please contact me with any questions.

Joe Kelly
North Texas High Performance Academy Coach

Rattlers Trip to Austin CANCELED!

The North Texas Rattlers trip to Austin has been canceled this weekend, May 7.

The head coach sent out the announcement Friday afternoon. This is extremely disappointing news for those players who were invited and had planned on going. Low numbers at Wednesday's practice and low commitment numbers for the weekend, along with Mothers Day, etc., forced this difficult decision.

Those players who committed themselves to this weekend should be recognized. They are Chris Merimon, Christopher Kelly and Lorenzon Marconi. Be assured that none are more disapointed than these three. Other Mavericks were invited to attend the practice and tournament but could not fulfill the commitment.

The next All Star related event is the Texas Camp to be held at Sam Houston State University. See the schedule for dates, etc.

Any event changes will be posted here. Stay tuned!

North Texas Rattlers Practice 5/4

The North Texas Rattlers All-Star Practice will be held this Wednesday, 5/4, from 6-8:00PM at the Las Colinas Polo Club at 600 E. Royal Lane, Irving TX.

Rattlers are the North Texas All Star team. There are 3 teams U19 ( '92 & '93 ), U17 ( '94 and 95 ) and U-15 (96 and younger)

All Rattlers teams – U-19, U-17 and U-15 will be playing in Austin this Saturday 5/7!.

May 7th – Rattlers vs. Stormer's & Cyclones - U19 & 17 & 15 – Burr Field - Austin

North Texas Rattlers Practice

Practice was canceled 4/20 due to weather. Next scheduled practice is scheduled for May 4. Location TBD.

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