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A reminder that the final North Texas Camp will be held this Sunday 4/29, at Barney Wood Athletic Complex in Farmers Branch, Texas. 14050 Heartside Pl Farmers Branch, TX 75234.

This camp will be the last opportunity to be considered for the North Texas High Performance Team. Please encourage all teammates to attend. I know this is a busy time of year for students. I trust that you will be responsible and make arrangements accordingly to attend. I also know that there are no proms or exams on Sunday morning.

On May 12th the Academy School Championships will be played at Burr Field in Austin Texas.

5627 Loyola Lane, Austin TX 78724.

Games will begin at 9am and will conclude by 1pm. After a short break the High Performance team will be announced. A team meeting and short practice will follow. I expect everyone at the field, dressed to play by 8am. Tardiness will reflect poorly on your evaluation. Uniform will be blue shorts and socks, if you have them, otherwise wear your team kit. Jerseys will be provided for the day.

Some have mentioned going to Austin Friday evening and getting a hotel room. If so inclined, you shall make your own arrangements.

All participants in the Academy School DO NOT have to (but are encouraged to) try out for the HPP. In other words, they can play on the team (U17 or U19) in Austin and not want to be considered for the HPP.

Anyone that does want to be considered may have some financial responsibility for the trip to Colorado. It is estimated that the trip can cost $450.00 per player. However, we will have fundraising opportunities to lower, if not eliminate, this amount. Still, players and parents need to be informed of the potential expense for the trip.

There will be Texas High Performance training sessions across Texas that all selected participants will be required to attend.
May 20th in Houston
June 3rd in Dallas
June 10th in Austin

At this last NTX HP camp, we will be taking photos of players for selectors and coaches to more easily recognize players, not just relying on leg numbers. If you have already communicated injury/attendance issues to Coach Kelly, please email an undistorted face photo so that we attach it to your file.

For continued updated information please see:

3rd High Performance Academy in Farmers Branch 4/29

The next North Texas High Performance Academy Camp will be held Sunday, April 29, at the Barney Wood Athletic Complex in Farmers Branch, Texas. 14050 Heartside Pl Farmers Branch, TX 75234. The schedule page contains a link to the map.

The camp will run from 10am to 2pm. Please ensure that all players are registered and ready to play by 10am.

We will assign positions, work on specific position skills, set pieces and plays. It is imperative that you attend this camp to learn the game plan, what your assignments and calls are, in order to perform well in Austin.

The HP Academy is free and open to all players. This camp will be the last opportunity for anyone to make the North Texas team. Please encourage everyone to attend. Even if they do not make the NTX team, they will learn valuable skills that will improve your team's level of play.

If you are selected in Austin to represent Texas, you will be required to attend further training sessions throughout Texas leading up to the Rocky Mountain Challenge in Colorado June 15-17. You can go to the Schedule page to see when and where these training sessions will be held.

North Olympic Rugby 7s tournament - Oct 15th

4801 Legendary Dr., Frisco, TX 75034

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The fields are field 4 and 3, which are the two fields closest to Legendary Drive and the east parking lot in front of the church. Please note that areas of the parking lot may be cordoned off by cones. Please do not remove cones and do not park in cordoned off areas if any. Please also only park on pavement, not on grass. Field 4 will be regulation size with goal posts and lined for rugby. All matches will take place on Field 4. Field 3 will be used for warm ups and any clinics, and while it has goal posts, will not be lined. Alex McCullough of Panthers will conduct a beginners clinic and is bringing girls over from Fort Worth so all clubs are encouraged to bring out any girls interested in learning about rugby. Facilities:
There are no toilet facilities or water supply at the fields. Do NOT go into the church for this. There are service stations nearby which can be used. There will be a container of Gatorade at the field. There are a couple of small bleachers but teams are recommended to bring tents and chairs. These facilities are being made available to us for free. There was quite a bit of garbage lying around in the area between the parking lot and the fields last week. If this has not been cleared up by Saturday, we will undertake to clear it up on behalf of the church and provide each team a garbage bag and ask you to fill it between matches. Teams:
Based on commitments that have been made, there will be two pools of three teams per pool.

Pool 1Pool 2
Plano APlano B/Barbarians
Match Schedule:
Each team will play three matches altogether. Two matches are played against each other team in their respective pool as per the below match schedule. After the pool matches and based on win/loss, head to head and/or overall aggregate points, there will be playoffs for 1st, 3rd and 5th. The sequence of these playoff matches may change based on which pool matches were last played, so no team has to play back to back matches. We have allowed 1/2 hour per match so should be able to stay or get ahead of schedule. Please have your teams warmed up ready to play 10 minutes before the scheduled kick off. If coaches agree, halves can be longer than 7 1/2 minutes. Each team must provide one touch judge per their match.
TimeField 4Field 3
9:00Gather/Warm Up/Team AssignClinic/Girls Scrimmage
9:30Plano A v AllenClinic/Girls Scrimmage
10:00Plano B v AllianceClinic/Girls Scrimmage
10:30Allen v PanthersClinic/Girls Scrimmage
11:00Alliance v CoppellClinic/Girls Scrimmage
11:30Plano A v PanthersClinic/Girls Scrimmage
12:00Plano B v Coppell
12:30Poo1 1st v Pool 2 1st
1:00Pool 1 2nd v Pool 2 2n
1:30Pool 1 3rd v Pool 2 3rd

June 11 Plano 7s Tournament

Plano Rugby Club is hosting a Youth 7s Tournament at the Las Colinas Polo Club located on 600 E. Royal Lane, Irving TX.

As the Mavericks probably do not have enough in any age bracket to make a complete team, we will participate in the U17/19 Barbarians side. Younger ages can fill in with other teams.

Make sure you bring plenty of ice, water and towels. It's gonna be hot!

Match Schedule Field 1 (Full size) U19/17

Group 1 U19/17 Round Robin
Plano A
Alliance B
Barbarians (Coppell/Mavericks/Panthers)

Group 2 U19/17 Round Robin
Alliance A
Plano B

Field 1: (U19/17)
9:00 Plano A v Alliance B
9:25 Alliance A v Allen
9:50 Alliance B v Barbarians
10:15 Plano B v Allen
10:40 Plano A v Barbarians
11:05 Alliance A v Plano B
11:30 5th place
0-2 Group1 v 0-2 Group 2
12:00 3rd place
1-1 Group 1 v 1-1 Group 2
12:30 1st place
2-0 Group 1 v 2-0 Group 2

Match Schedule Field 2 (U15s, U13s, U11s)
9:15 Plano U15 v Richardson U15
9:45 Plano U13 v Alliance U13
10:15 Plano U15 v Alliance U15
10:45 Alliance U13 v Richardson U13
11:15 Richardson U15 v Alliance U15
11:45 Plano U13 v Richardson U13
12:15 Plano U11 v Alliance U11 (note – one match only but halves will be longer)

Match Schedule Field 3
11:00 am U9s (If enough players)

Harlequin Cup 7s

The Dallas Harlequins are excited to be hosting a High School bracket in our Harlequin Cup Sevens Tournament. Also, they are hosting the Western Rugby 7's Qualifier that day as well. So, you get to watch of the best 7's teams (some of the USA 7's players) in the region. The event is going to be host in Irving Texas at Trinity View Park. They have enough space to run 6 pitches and can handle a large a bracket. Take a look at the flyer(click the Download button just below). $75 per team for the early bird.

Episcopal School of Dallas Hosts Youth 7s Games

ESD will be hosting what hopes to be a great event for youth rugby 7's. So far, there are age group teams from the following :

Richardson U13,U15
Alliance U11 U13
Plano TBD

John Shafto indicated that he had one referee committed as of yesterday. Assuming all this is correct, we plan on starting at 9AM . At that time we can decide who plays whom and when. The ESD campus is located on Midway Rd. at Merrill Rd. between Walnut Hill Ln. and Royal Ln. in Dallas. Troutt Field is adjacent to Midway. It is very easy to find.

Episcopal School of Dallas

After the games, we have informally planned to gather at Ball's Hamburgers, just a mile or so south of the campus on Midway Rd. at NW Highway.

ESD Summer 7's Schedule

8:00 - 8:30 AM Arrival and Warm up
8:30 AM Coaches/Referee Meeting
8:45AM U9 touch match?
9:00 AM ESD vs Plano U11
9:25 AM Alliance vs Richardson U13
9:50 AM U15 match ?
10: 15AM ESD vs Alliance U11
10:40 AM Plano vs Alliance U13
11:05 AM Alliance vs Plano U11
11:30AM Richardson vs Plano U13
11: 55 AM U11 Final *
12: 20 U13 Final *
1PM Lunch at Ball's Hamburgers ( Midway @ N.W. Highway)

Mavericks Host Youth Tournament 5/14

The Mavericks are hosting a youth tournament and rugby clinic for all ages at our game pitch (map link on the menu to your right) Saturday 5/14. It looks like we may be having a cookout. Maverick HS guys not going to Houston are encouraged to come out and play some games or just help run the tournament.

Here's the ad from Life is Grand Summer Schedule from Grand Prairie's Parks and Rec Department.

There is the plan for this Saturday's friendly tournament in Grand Prairie. Please email John Kurylas ( to let him know if you are coming.

Also, if you have any girls please have them come at 1:30pm. We will have a short clinic and discuss creating a NTX Team to play in a TOLA tournament and the State Championship. The Woodlands will have a team for State.


8:00 Set-up/Warm-Up

9:00am to 12:00 - U9, U11, U13, & U15 play their games.

12:00 - 2:00pm - Boys U17/19 round robin 7s or barbarian matches

2:00 - 5:00pm - Girls NTX HP Practice (or extend boys round robin time if needed)

5:00pm Pack-up & go home.

Important Notes

· There is plenty of space in the park for teams to individually warm up or run specific preparatory drills.

· We will have water available, but please bring your own. There are no convenient locations for water refill.

Rattlers Trip to Austin CANCELED!

The North Texas Rattlers trip to Austin has been canceled this weekend, May 7.

The head coach sent out the announcement Friday afternoon. This is extremely disappointing news for those players who were invited and had planned on going. Low numbers at Wednesday's practice and low commitment numbers for the weekend, along with Mothers Day, etc., forced this difficult decision.

Those players who committed themselves to this weekend should be recognized. They are Chris Merimon, Christopher Kelly and Lorenzon Marconi. Be assured that none are more disapointed than these three. Other Mavericks were invited to attend the practice and tournament but could not fulfill the commitment.

The next All Star related event is the Texas Camp to be held at Sam Houston State University. See the schedule for dates, etc.

Any event changes will be posted here. Stay tuned!

Texas High Performance Camp

The Texas High Performance staff will conduct a U17/U19 try-out camp on Sunday (04-10-11) at Veterans Park ( 3101 Harvey Rd, College Station, Texas 77845) in College Station from 9:00-12:00. All players who are currently involved with their respective academies are invited to attend. In addition, any college age-eligible players are also invited. The age requirements are: U19 (1992-1993 and U17 (1994 and later). Players need to bring their regular practice gear for the assembly. The cost for the assembly is $10.

Details on transportation and to the tournament and possible combining with other teams for the A&M tournament the previous date are still being worked out. Check back here for updates. You will have to have your CIPP paid to participate.

Dates for North Texas Rattlers practices have been updated on the calendar/schedule. Most locations are TBD.

Mavs Invited to Jesuit Tournament March 12

The Mavericks have been invited to combine with Alliance JV to enter a team in the exclusive Jesuit Dallas Showdown Saturday, March 12 with the finals on Sunday March 13. There will be teams from across the Nation.

The only stipulation for us to play is that we MUST be CIPPed! Follow the instructions on the Registration/Dues link on the menu.

Players should be at Jesuit at 8:30AM, Saturday, March 12, looking for Coach Neuby from Alliance. He happens to be the head coach for the North Texas Rattlers All-Star team too.

This is a fantastic opportunity to play teams from outside of Texas and see their different styles and talent levels as well as showcase your own.

Click the download link below for the tournament schedule. If you have any questions about dues or the tournament, contact Mr. Kelly.

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