T-Shirt Fundraiser to Pay CIPP Dues

We have sharp attractive t-shirts for sale to help those who need to raise money for their CIPP dues. The details on how to pay your dues is on the Registration/Dues link on the right menu. Basically you pay $20 to USA Rugby and $35 to Texas or TYRA. I can't tell you what this money goes to, I don't know. I do know that from here on out, no other team will play a non-CIPPed team. I also know that the Maverick Men support and pay for all our administrative, field, tournament and associated costs. Next time you see a dues paying Maverick, thank him. The deal on the shirts works like this. You sell a T-shirt for $15. You pay Mr. Kelly $5 for the cost of the shirt. You put the other $10 towards your dues. If you sell 6 shirts, your dues are paid. Use this money to reimburse your parents/sponsor who used their credit card to pay your dues. You can call, text, or email Mr. Kelly to place your orders. He will bring whatever stock is left on hand to practice. We can easily order more if needed. Sizes are the standard small, medium, large and extra large.


The club is participating in this fundraiser where half of proceeds of raffle ticket sales go toward the club and the other half to Tackling Cancer. Players can use this fundraiser to offset the cost of their dues as $5 of each $10 ticket sold will be applied to their dues. So by selling tickets you can cover part or all of your dues as well as helping a good cause as well. Grand Prize is a trip for 2 to Hawaii along with a chance to win some other great prizes. Click Raffle Info for details. All tickets (sold and unsold) along with monies collected are due by the November 29th. Drawing is December 15th. See John K. for your tickets.

Maverick Youth Rugby Fund Raiser

The Mavericks (Men's Side) are having a fundraiser where the Grand Prize is two tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies. They have offered us the opportunity to participate in this as well and proceeds raised by our ticket sales will go to directly to the High School Side. As an extra incentive half of your sales will go directly toward your dues. So if you sell $50 worth of tickets, $25 will go the club and the other $25 will be subtracted from your dues. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Drawing will be held on February 23rd following the Men's match against Denton. All tickets and money will be due earlier that day when the High School side plays Coppell at 12PM. We'll have tickets available at practice.

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