Player Ratings from Last Academy Released

The coaches rated players at the last Texas High Performance Academy School in Grand Prairie. These ratings have been compiled into a spreadsheet and released for your review. Looking at your ratings will give you, the rugby player, a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses.


To read and understand the sheet, you will have to remember your assigned number from the last camp. That's the number that was written on your leg. Look down the HPP# column for your assigned number and across to see how you were rated. We included all of the coaches' sheets, different events and coaches ratings are denoted by tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Players were rated from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best and 3 being average. A blank entry means either the player was not rated for that skill or was considered average.

HPP# - Your assigned number, written on your leg.
Beep – Number of cycles completed within 2 minutes (25 yard run).
Hands – Ball handling skills, how well the player handled the ball, ability to catch.
Pass – How well the player passed the ball in variety of situations.
DM – Decision Making, how well the player made decisions in various situations with the ball in hand.
Defense – How well the player defended.
Coachable – Was the player coachable? Did he implement instructions given by the coaches?
Speed – How fast the player appeared to run.
Effort – Did the player give everything he had? Did he try to the best of his abilities?
Overall – Coaches' personal assessment of the player. Did the coach like the player? Did he have a good feeling about the player?

If you have questions about how you were rated, the coaches will be more than happy to explain what they saw. They will be more than willing to assist you in becoming the best rugby player you can be.

Players were rated overall against each other. There were no allowances given for age. Though it may not seem fair, it would be understandable if the younger players received on average, lower scores than the older players.

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