North Olympic Rugby 7s tournament - Oct 15th

4801 Legendary Dr., Frisco, TX 75034

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The fields are field 4 and 3, which are the two fields closest to Legendary Drive and the east parking lot in front of the church. Please note that areas of the parking lot may be cordoned off by cones. Please do not remove cones and do not park in cordoned off areas if any. Please also only park on pavement, not on grass. Field 4 will be regulation size with goal posts and lined for rugby. All matches will take place on Field 4. Field 3 will be used for warm ups and any clinics, and while it has goal posts, will not be lined. Alex McCullough of Panthers will conduct a beginners clinic and is bringing girls over from Fort Worth so all clubs are encouraged to bring out any girls interested in learning about rugby. Facilities:
There are no toilet facilities or water supply at the fields. Do NOT go into the church for this. There are service stations nearby which can be used. There will be a container of Gatorade at the field. There are a couple of small bleachers but teams are recommended to bring tents and chairs. These facilities are being made available to us for free. There was quite a bit of garbage lying around in the area between the parking lot and the fields last week. If this has not been cleared up by Saturday, we will undertake to clear it up on behalf of the church and provide each team a garbage bag and ask you to fill it between matches. Teams:
Based on commitments that have been made, there will be two pools of three teams per pool.

Pool 1Pool 2
Plano APlano B/Barbarians
Match Schedule:
Each team will play three matches altogether. Two matches are played against each other team in their respective pool as per the below match schedule. After the pool matches and based on win/loss, head to head and/or overall aggregate points, there will be playoffs for 1st, 3rd and 5th. The sequence of these playoff matches may change based on which pool matches were last played, so no team has to play back to back matches. We have allowed 1/2 hour per match so should be able to stay or get ahead of schedule. Please have your teams warmed up ready to play 10 minutes before the scheduled kick off. If coaches agree, halves can be longer than 7 1/2 minutes. Each team must provide one touch judge per their match.
TimeField 4Field 3
9:00Gather/Warm Up/Team AssignClinic/Girls Scrimmage
9:30Plano A v AllenClinic/Girls Scrimmage
10:00Plano B v AllianceClinic/Girls Scrimmage
10:30Allen v PanthersClinic/Girls Scrimmage
11:00Alliance v CoppellClinic/Girls Scrimmage
11:30Plano A v PanthersClinic/Girls Scrimmage
12:00Plano B v Coppell
12:30Poo1 1st v Pool 2 1st
1:00Pool 1 2nd v Pool 2 2n
1:30Pool 1 3rd v Pool 2 3rd

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